Omninet Insider - Paul (Winston) & Anna (Olivia)

Published on: 2nd January, 2023

This episode originally aired for Patrons in October.

Omninet Insider is our short-form talkback series where we dive into the RTO characters and players a few questions at a time. In this extended episode, join Anna  and Paul as they discuss all things Winston and Olivia, including shared histories, uncomfortable fan-shipping, License Level plans, and biggest regrets!

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Response Team Omnicron
A Lancer TTRPG Actual Play Podcast
Response Team Omnicron is the story of the titular crew as they respond to a distress call from the Evergreen colony on the planet Hercynia. When the landing goes awry, the ground team must help solve the problems of the blossoming colony on Landmark Colonial's behalf. But with the history of Hercynia, is everything quite as simple as Landmark is making it out to be?
Played in the Lancer TTRPG system using the No Room for a Wallflower campaign module, both by Massif Press.

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